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FO by dhampir

This is here just b'cuz I freakin' LOVE The Art of It. Still, scroll on down please, if'n ya would.


Mar. 18th, 2027

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font is screwy... cannot figggger it out this late... i say font size NINE... it does font size ginormous. meet me under the apple tree... wait, uh, under the cutCollapse )

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Psssst... if you dunno the Bobs, it's funny because the second lil bob is usually blue- he mocketh his buddy. Like I, of course, would never ever do. Hehehe. Go find the bobs!

1- Pretty happiness banner made by the ever-talented unexpectedbox just for me.
2- New FO celebrating pockets of happiness banner and the incredibly lovely swirlies and butterflies journal header made by the wonderfully artistic and oh-so-very-patient with un-techie me.... dhamphir just for me.
I am grateful to you both, for making me pretties that so suit who I am, and who I hope to become through my journal's journey. Thank you!! The BOB and bob funnies make me giggle. :)

The minister's cat is a nameless cat.

Poll #971050 Baby (cat) names

Which of these, if any, do you like for our new kitty?

Ogrimar (Ogre)
Uncle Joe
none of these, please! the poor cat!

What are your pets named?

What suggestions do you have for the little orange wonder?

If he were a black cat, I would lobby for RogerMac... still might do. I like it.


As requested--

Disclaimer: I am one of those obnoxious "pinch of this, dash of that" cooks. Even when I begin with a recipe, I tinker and mess with it after the first time that it is nearly unrecognizable. Makes me a pretty decent cook.. but makes it hard to share a recipe. So... I will try to explain my lasagna, but keep that in mind as you read. :)


2 packages lasagna noodles, cooked halfway and carefully drained on paper towels

3 jars plain ragu (plain so as to doctor heavily)
2 small cans tomato paste
1-2 packages fresh sliced mushrooms... depending on your 'shroom addiction levels
garlic.. much or little, up to you
finely chopped onions- i use 2-3 small strong soup onions
oregano, thyme, basil
3/4 cup or so of red wine
either chicken breast, steamed and cut up
a good mix of burger and sausage, cooked
(either is very good, but mixing them was veryvery naughty! lol)

ricotta cheese- the bigger of the usual two choices in the grocery store
3 eggs, beaten well with a bit of milk
1/2 cup or so of parmesan/romano cheeses
fresh chopped parsley
salt/pepper... just a bit, but i like that in the ricotta
garlic can be added here too, depending on the garlic obsession of your family

a bunch of shredded mozz, mixed with a small amount of cheddar

Ok. Here goes. I usually make the sauce over night in the crock pot. Slow simmered for lasagna is wonderful. If using chicken tho, I usually saute it fresh in the morning and put it in the sauce an hour or so before I use it. I don't like the texture of the chicken breast when it cooks too long. This way it is still tender and juicy, with just a hint of the sauce flavors. Very good. I do the same with the fresh shrooms. I just saute them lightly and toss them in at the end- so we still have the fresh shroom flavor, rather than cooked to dead. The sausage/burger option is good to toss into the sauce overnight tho. The sausage adds something to it.

Mix the ricotta, beaten eggs, parmesan, and parsley in a medium bowl. Set aside.

I use two 10X15 glass baking dishes. (i make a lot when i do it, because it is a lot of work, and everyone loves it. it freezes very well in individual servings.) Ladle one spoonful of sauce into the bottom of each. Usually 3-4 lasagna noodles lined up over that. Then ricotta spread lightly over each noodle. More sauce- 2-3 ladles per layer, don't skimp, there is plenty, and it must be Saucy. Then a layer of the shredded cheese. Repeat and repeat. I end with cheese on top, and a sprinkle of parmesan/romano over that. As I assemble the pans, I can see how much sauce I can use to make sure I have enough for all of it. I usually end up just about perfect and out of all components.

Bake at 350 for 30 minutes or so. Sauce should be bubbly and the cheese on top just slightly browning.

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